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March 2021

March 2021

Growth Stories – Alexandre Girard

I am a software engineer by trade and an inventor at heart. With over 15 years of professional experience and tens of innovative product launches in a wide variety of fields and industries, I have the ability to execute swiftly and walk the fine line between good, fast and cheap.
Growth Stories, Mitchell Orme

Growth Stories – Mitchell Orme

I’ve had some history working in major athletic apparel brands, and to me, their storytelling has always been inspirational. I’ve been known to frequent Verdansk and offered up my services to help clean up Arkham City.

Engineering Success

The Upflowy engineering team has come to your rescue, they’ve all put in some serious hours reading and have come together with a fantastic list of books that’ll help you in all facets of life. You may be surprised to not find many coding-specific resources here


  • 29 Mar 202129 min

    The Evolution of Marketing Data and Technology with Kate Murray

  • 29 Mar 202127 min

    The role of data and psychology in product management

  • 29 Mar 202127 min

    Product management in startups vs corporate with Teresa Huang

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