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A drag and drop tool collecting leads and increasing your conversionsYou can use it to build and optimize your forms, quizzes, surveys, onboarding flows, and more. Up to 200 responses free!

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  • Signup Flow

  • Customer On-boarding

  • Lead Forms

  • Surveys

  • Quizzes

  • Plus More

Sign Up Flow

Improve retention with a better introduction

Make the right first impression, collect all the info as a user signs up for the first time.

Onboarding Flow

Personalize the journey and leave a lasting impression

Set a personalized journey to help users reach the 'Aha' moment earlier and easier.

Lead Form Flow

Nurture your contacts and drive them to convert.

Build hype for your waitlist and nurture leads with custom information gathering.

Survey Flow

Increase engagement by asking your customers what they value.

Understand customer opinion and funnel toward reviews, whether an established customer or a customer who you've just onboarded. Surveys are a great tool to capture feedback from your customers.

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 4.12.51 pm

Boost engagement with your brand by creating a fun quiz.

A fun quiz creator to help boost engagement and brand awareness.

From sales qualification, growth marketing to customer support

We have built a flexible framework so the options are only limited by your creativity, we have customers using this tool for almost anything from Instagram bio link trees to links within emails taking customers through product selection.

Flows lead to higher conversion rates

  • Flows match your brand
  • Flows are more personalized
  • Flows create less friction

Easily build flows that optimize your customer's journeys to increase engagement!

A flow is better than form

All the features you need.

Content blocks

Choose from 8 building blocks to customise the content in a way that works for you. Headings, text, paragraphs, links and more.

Graphics/Asset blocks

We support images, animations, videos, maps and so much more. The possibilities are only limited only by your creativity

Conditional logic

Personalisation is everything, dynamically direct visitors based on their input and collect relevant information.

Form elements

Any input field you want including pre-built name splits and phone with graphical country code selection and validation.

Split & Merge

Create detailed and bespoke flows for unique customers, while still maintaining the flow option of bringing back to the same final destination.


Get your flows started with an active trigger on your website, whether that be a button click or a form submission.

A/B Testing

Experiment with new copy, new images and new assets to better optimise your flows.

Website Embed

Just drop a line of code then you can choose the link, button or css element to activate the flow to appear over the top of the website.



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“There are currently no other tools on the market that give teams the ability to quickly create, test, and iterate on full sign-up flows and feed data straight into any other platform.”

“Upflowy has built a product that can be utilized by millions of websites, which are looking to more effectively convert visitors into customers.”

"Upflowy has helped Specno build in a layer of data analytics that is crucial for taking our company to the next level. It's been an absolute pleasure working with their team as they are helpful, friendly and professional."



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