We are Upflowy

We believe in continuous learning and improving, not only in the work we do but in our daily lives. We have a deep and mutual respect for each individual’s journey, we like to keep things simple and we do no harm. Growing a little each day. 

You can read more about the journey of Upflowy here.    

Our Values

Growth and Learning

Experimentation and iteration are the foundations for not only the Upflowy product but for our approach to work. We are curious, ready to learn something new every day.

Mutual Respect

We have the customer in mind, we want to help people achieve their goals. If our competitors do the same, we wish them the greatest success. The customer should always win!

Keep it Simple

Buzzwords and flash aren't what make Upflowy unique, we want to provide a low code product that is highly accessible. No gatekeeping, just a simple product to help you convert more.

Do No Harm

We approach creation, development, and problem-solving in a way that's beneficial and net positive. We do not take shortcuts or act in a way that leads to harm.

January 2020

Having struggled to build signup flows for multiple startups the concept for Upflowy began to take shape in the mind of Guillaume, the founding team was formed and work commenced.

Team size: 3

June 2020

The business name was officially registered the first hires have commenced 

Team size: 5

March 2021

Upflowy raised a $1m seed round from 5 key investors including Tidal Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Black Nova Group and Antler 

Team size: 7

August 2021

Gearing up for public launch, the Beta product is released and over 100 customers are improving their funnels

Team size: 15


Meet our team

We are a team of talented engineers, marketers, developers, here to bring the Upflowy brand to life. You can read more about some of our team of experts in our Growth Series. 

Guillaume Ang


Alex Girard


Matthew Browne


Kay Pengelly

Senior Product Manager

Pardeep Dhingra

Senior Lead Engineer

Stewart Barrett

Head of Growth

Sarel Lugtenberg

Senior Engineer

Mitchell Orme

Junior Marketer

Sriraman Panneerselvam

Senior Engineer

James Lees

QA Tester

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