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Upflowy Net Positive Podcast is all about educating and inspiring marketers, product managers, and companies in the best way to generate and optimize their flows.

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  • Add 40,000 to your Waitlist

  • Evolution of Marketing Data

  • Onboarding Frameworks

  • Growth Hacking

Anna Cheng -
Adding 40,000 people on the pre-launch waitlist at Spaceship

In this episode of the Net Positive Podcast by upflowy we hear from Anna Cheng. Anna has had an impressive career, she is currently Growth Marketing Manager at Brighte. Previously Head of Growth at Curious Thing. Before that, she was Spaceship's 3rd employee where she created a pre-launch viral campaign that had over 40,000 sign ups and helped them get $100m in FuM in just 4 months.


Kate Murray - 
The Evolution of Marketing Data & Technology

In this episode, Kate Murray gives us a great 10-year review of the evolution of marketing data and technology in the ANZ market. Her experience includes working for the DNC during the Obama campaign, Google, and generally being at the forefront of innovation in the digital space.

Ramli John -
Onboarding Frameworks & Psychology

On the podcast we are speaking with the incredible Ramli John, Managing Director at ProductLed, Author of "Product-Led Onboarding". Ramli is a marketing, design, and software development expert helping product-led SaaS companies. Today we discuss how onboarding is like throwing a MASSIVE party, the role that psychology plays in onboarding. And different frameworks you can implement to improve your sign up flow.

Vaibhav Namburi -
Growth Hacking Masterclass

In this episode, we are talking to an absolute weapon of a marketer, product manager, growth hacker, tech whizz, Mr Vai Namburi. Vai has built successful businesses, received prestigious awards, taught software boot camps, mentored startups at Blackbird and Incubate, speaks regularly and the list goes on. Today we learn how to build an engaged online community, how to get your first 1000 customers, tools to automate your marketing and how to create viral content which actually works.

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