Focus on the right leads & Start better conversations

Turn your leads' behavior into AI Summaries.

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Wish you knew your leads' true intent ?

We've turned session recordings into actionable AI summaries delivered straight in the tools you love. Our AI analyzes the strength of the intent and identifies your leads' main interests. 


Time to amp up your sales process

< 5min

Setup Time


- Install the tracking code

- Connect Slack / your CRM

16+ Hours

Saved every month


- Watching screen recordings

- Talking to the wrong leads


Sales engagement

- Write warmer emails
- Bring up insights during calls

Focus on the right leads

Spend only seconds reading our summary -- we automatically identify what matters and deliver it directly to you. 


Start better conversations

Know exactly what sparked the interest of your leads on your page, and warm up your cold email outreach. 


Install in less than 5 minutes

1 - Add the tracking code to your website

2 - Connect Intent to your CRM

It is that easy.

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Integrate with your flow of work

Intent delivers reliable data to your inbox, Slack or CRM, so you can stay in the loop without even logging into Intent.

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Integrate AI Insights right in the tools you love

And many more

What they say about Intent:

“There are currently no other tools on the market that give teams the ability to quickly create, test, and iterate on full sign-up flows and feed data straight into any other platform.”

“Upflowy has built a product that can be utilized by millions of websites, which are looking to more effectively convert visitors into customers. I highly recommend working with them.”

"Upflowy has helped Specno build in analytics that are crucial to our company's growth. It's been an absolute pleasure working with their team as they are helpful, friendly and professional."

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Claim your forever discounted plan 🎁

Up to 70%+ off this week on all our plans available during the launch. 


Early Stage


Track 50 leads 


Was $19.95/mth


Track 500 leads

Get started in 2 minutes

Install Intent, connect to your email, Slack, or CRM, and see the magic happen. 


How can I install Intent on my site?

Installing intent only takes two steps to add a short tracking code to your website. When you sign up, we guide you to the whole setup step by step. 

Is Intent compatible with my website?

You bet! Intent works with any website and website builder. 

How does Intent impact site performance?

We specifically designed Intent not to slow down your website, so you won't even notice it's there. 

What actions does Intent track?

Intent tracks cursor movement, clicks, and scrolls. It monitors how much time visitors spend on a topic or page, and creates summaries of their journey accordingly. 

How does Intent identify new leads?

For Intent to identify a new lead, your visitor needs to submit their email address somewhere - usually, the "contact us" page. Intent tracks every visitor from the first second they load their site until they leave, however, to prevent cluttering your inbox, we only create summaries of visitors who show interest by leaving their contact details. 

Does Intent tell me who is currently on my website?

Intent creates summaries of the journey of your leads only, and not visitors - so, people who have submitted their contact details somewhere on your website. Because of that, it won't tell you about visitors who are on your website but showed no interest. 

Where can I send the data collected by Intent?

Intent by default sends summaries to your inbox and displayed them on your dashboard. However,  is compatible with almost every CRM through webhooks - so you can send the data wherever you feel like, for example, Slack or Hubspot. 

How does Intent identify high interest level?

We trained our proprietary AI on a big database of user journeys, and the technical details behind the magic of intent are a bit of an industry secret. However, we can tell you that it uses the browsing actions and time spent on each topic to make its verdict. 

How does Intent identify main intrests?

While the exact technical details of the magic behind intent are industry secrets, Intent identifies the main interests by analysing the user journey. 

Can I add my teammates to my account?

Momentarily we don't have an option for team collaboration, however, it is among our plans for the future. 

What direct integrations does Intent have with other apps?

Right now we offer direct, one-click integrations with Slack - however, Salesforce and Hubspot are coming soon as well. 


Focus on the right leads

Focus on the most promising prospects, and spend less time on low-intent leads.


Better conversations

Personalize your outreach by knowing exactly what captured your leads' attention.


Reliable browsing data

Our insights don't just summarize the journey but aim to understand the reason behind each action.


AI Insights

With powerful AI under the hood, Intent's summaries are data-driven and free from human bias.