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A.I tools for increasing productivity.

See how artificial intelligence can help you increase your productivity, your marketing efforts and allow you to spend time on tasks that increase conversions

Computers, they’re making our lives easier. They’re making our tasks quicker. Applications take care of the busy work we hate to do, there is automation that rapidly reduces the time for tasks to occur.

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Using A.I to help you get work done

Artificial Intelligence is the next step, and it is already a part of our daily lives. A.I will be entering the marketing sphere with a greater presence, and it will get better.

You’ve maybe interacted with a chatbot before. You may have seen an image from Deepdream (a computer vision program that can find and enhance patterns in images), spoken to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s… well Google. You have maybe even heard that Tesla is rolling out vehicles with the Full-Self Driving feature. 

Learning with A.I

You’ve also been helping A.I without realizing it, each time you prove that you’re not a robot online, you’ve been providing helpful data. The CAPTCHA system uses your recognition ability to verify your humanity. 

Most would remember the old CAPTCHA tests which would involve reading a set of distorted numbers and letters. This helped Google’s Optical Character Recognition allowing Google Books to make paper texts digital. This was followed by interpreting house and street signs which improved Google’s Street View. The current CAPTCHA is centered around traffic signs and vehicles, which could very well be helping the self-driving cars of the future with navigating the roads. 

There is a brilliant podcast by NPR’s series How I built this, featuring Luis von Ahn. If you’re keen to learn more about this, listen here.

As noted by Elecktrek, Tesla vehicles have accumulated over 3 billion miles on their autopilot system, just a hop, skip, and a jump more than your average learner license.


What do you think about Telsa’s data collection and the future of autonomous cars?

Has their data collection to Tesla only been for the sole purpose of software development and updating?


A.I & Experiences 

Stewart Barrett, Upflowy’s Head of Growth, and Ben Yi, a consultant to Upflowy’s data goals are both confident about A.I growth and development in multiple industries. They’re both excited about the possibility of customer experience improvements. 

Within our own context at Upflowy, managing forms, flows, and web experiences, having an A.I that can predictively fill the blanks during customer information collection would be incredibly helpful. Machine learning would also be tracking and understanding the collection journey, looking for areas to optimize and streamline. Additionally the potential for personalization thanks to machine learning would be massive, creating a more powerful engagement for the customer. 

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Using AI to improve website conversions 

Understanding the preferences of users can reduce drop, increase conversions and ensure that the experience a user has with your product begins favorably. The journey that the customer is taken on doesn’t run into hurdles and experiences far less friction.

The journey itself will be shortened as the journey is optimized from machine learning, identifying the important questions as well as flagging key areas of drop or friction. The iteration capability will happen much faster, the experimentation will be data-informed and the results will start to become clearer far quicker than if a person was at the helm. 


In the current context, many forms and web experiences are rife with friction. They cause massive amounts of customer frustration and eventual drop. The customer wants an easy journey towards that first “ah ha” moment. Upflowy is here to reduce the friction, maintain engagement and context through content components, and shorter the period between CTA and activation. 

At Upflowy, through the development of our platform and the likely future integrations with artificial intelligence, split testing automation would make a significant impact. The creation of minor changes for split testing will encourage more experimentation from our users, leading to greater insight into their funnel journey for potential customers. Upflowy is looking to empower our users to optimize their user flow and increase those conversions. 

Better experiences with A.I 

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The customer experience will begin to improve. As always with technology, the early stages won’t be sampled on the mainstream. Early adopters will try it out, wading through the mud of bugs and strange A.I processes or suggestions. The A.I will improve and it will begin to impact the customer journey, it will improve and optimize and there will likely be many people that don’t know their personalized, engaging and seamless experience was created by A.I

Three particular areas bring about delight:

  • Seamlessness 
  • Personalization
  • Insightfulness

The customer is delighted with their experience. That is the end goal for so many marketers. To ensure that introduction, onboarding, and later use of the product or service is just delightful. Artificial Intelligence is on a mission to delight. For now, while the robots don’t have this particular skill-set, experiment with your web experience with Upflowy. The drag and drop tool helps customers do less, while you convert more.  

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Maybe next year pal.


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