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Growth Stories – Jessica Walker

This week's growth story focuses on Jessica Walker, with her startup secrets, creative content and impressive business history

Jessica Walker has a mind full of startup secrets, brilliant business acumen, and creative content. Jess is Upflowy’s Head of Marketing, she co-hosts the Net Positive Podcast and is often a source of joy and inspiration.

Short Bio: 
Jess has always had an interest in startups and business, from the early days at the age of 12, selling chocolate bars on the school bus on the way to school, starting e-commerce businesses throughout uni, to starting the first service business at 23 which was subsequently acquired by a multi-national in 2018 after 2 years of growth. 

She is now building out her next startup, an investment platform for kids called Wonderfund

Hobby/Fun Fact about yourself:
My last name is an aptronym, describing my favourite hobby! As a Walker, I love hiking and exploring.

Personal Growth Story:
After a difficult year in 2019, I quit my job and booked a flight to Spain. 10 days later I was starting an 800km pilgrimage to clear my head.  After 30 days of hiking the Camino de Santiago, I came back to Australia. I arrived feeling energised and motivated to continue to learn and grow in startups. 

Your Next Growth Target:
Creating a Fintech for children, Wonderfund. Wonderfund is a platform that builds financially stable and confident children. It is a platform that allows friends and family to collectively invest in a child’s future. 

Your Role Model:
My Mum. She’s the best.

What would you say to yourself 5 or 10 years ago?:
You’re going to encounter failure, get used to it, it’ll guide you. It’s going to be ok.
For some reason, we are taught to say yes to every opportunity. It is equally important to learn how to say no when required. Focus drives execution.

The Book you plan to read or are currently reading:
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Bessel van der Kolk

1-3 books, podcasts, or pieces of content that you’d recommend to anyone:

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