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How to create a great landing page for your B2B SaaS company

Guillaume Ang in his expert's corner series teaches how to create a great landing page for your B2B SaaS company

Creating a marketing plan in the B2B SaaS space requires a very tailored approach. Just like all target audiences, we need to know who we are marketing to, address their pain points, and give them the solution they need. 

Marketing to B2B is all about speaking to the person who will make the purchasing decision. So the Founder, the Head of Product (or Marketing), just to name a few. Look at who needs your product and how you can use your landing page to speak to that person. 

As part of a new YouTube series called Flow State, I’m reviewing sign-up flows of many companies including B2B SaaS companies. But, it isn’t just the guidance on the signup flow, I also go deeper into other aspects of the website – like the landing page. 

So, let us dive in and guide you on how to create a great landing page for your B2B SaaS company!

What is a landing page? 

We are not here to assume that you know everything when it comes to setting up and marketing your business. Before we go further, let’s explain what a landing page is and how it works for your business. 

A landing page is just that, a page for your audience to land on. It is a page on your site where you offer a resource or action for your audience to take. It is a good way for the marketing side of your business to capture information of your audience through a signup flow or lead-capture form. 

The landing page is where you can convert your customers by getting more information from them. It allows you to learn more about your audience as they exchange their information for something you have to offer, for example, a white page, free eBook, demo for your product or even just to be put on a waitlist for an item that is coming soon. 

Of course, there is a difference between a good and bad landing page! 

What elements should you feature on your landing page? 

When building a B2B SaaS company landing page, it is all about trying to quickly explain the value. Remember you are marketing other business owners or busy individuals, they don’t have time to read a long landing page. 

You need to explain the value in a quick and punchy way. If you are unsure what you need to have on your landing page, here is what we recommend. 

  • Unique Selling Points of your business (or your offer) – make them clear and to the point. These will help show your audience you are addressing their pain points but are also the right business to choose 
  • Enough Call to Actions – don’t just have one call to action in your top navigation bar. Have multiple throughout the page. Make the objectives clear for your audience, what do you want them to do
  • Social proof – show your audience who you have been helping and what they thought of your product or service
  • Information about your business – you don’t have to put much, but just add a piece about your business. This allows you to explain who you are, it gives a human element 

See below a video from Flow State, where I take you through the landing page of Aircall

From 5:45 to 12:00 you can see my thoughts and insights on their landing page. 

How can you make your landing page more dynamic for your B2B SaaS company?

As a startup, you might not have access to your direct audience (just yet). You might not have the money to spend on dynamic content. 

But when you do, once you have mapped out your audience and want to target them really specifically, a dynamic landing page would be a really great way to work on the targeting of an audience for different needs or from different locations.

This can look like: 

  • Making your landing page tailored to your audience (where they are)
  • Using the country name
  • Social proof from the country companies 

From 5:45 minutes you can see how Aircall uses a dynamic landing page. 

For now, what you might do is work on playing around with your messaging and trialing it for a few week’s to test the conversion rates. Once you map those out, you can see what resonates with your audience. 

You can use platforms like HotJar to record the behaviour of your visitors when they land on your page.  

What mistakes are being made with landing pages for B2B? 

We have seen enough landing pages to know what does and doesn’t work. Of course, each market is different. Knowing your target audience and who you are marketing to is critical to making smart choices around your landing page content. 

When it comes to B2B SaaS companies, here is what we see doesn’t work: 

  • Not enough CTAs (the call to actions aren’t clear or there aren’t enough) 
  • Not monitoring what is working on the page (using platform like HotJar to do this) 
  • Not making changes based on audience interaction 
  • Not making it clear who you are and what you do 

Make assumptions and test these. Change your page up when it isn’t working and don’t be afraid to make edits or question what is or isn’t working. Over time you will learn more about what your audience resonates with on your landing pages. 

Final thoughts 

What changes can you make to your landing page now that will help with the user experience? 

Do you need more call to actions, more context on what your company offers? At Upflowy we are the SaaS company here to help you improve the experience for your users once they click that “join now” or “sign up” button.  

What exactly is a sign up flow? Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our next article “What makes a great B2C SaaS signup flow?” to learn more! 

Upflowy is a no-code SaaS product that gives you complete control of your signup flow, without the IT cost.  The product allows you to design your own signup flows, aligned with your branding but using templates and best industry practices. Upflowy will help achieve higher conversions, build more qualified leads and shorten your sales cycles.

The product also captures data at every point, meaning you can understand where customers are dropping off and retarget accordingly. You can create differentiated outcomes for each potential lead with conditional logic. Your new flows will set customer expectations through storytelling, establishing a better connection with your potential leads.

So go and improve your landing page for conversions and come back to Upflowy to improve the overall experience. 

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