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How to improve your audience

Take advantage of the tool that will help improve and own your audience, a social bio tool. Direct to your different content streams in a matter of clicks

A social bio tool directs users to your content. When more users are viewing your content, there is a higher chance of conversions for your products or services. The first step is to ask yourself one question how to improve my audience and get them in front of my content?

How to turn followers into customers…

Making content discoverable is a massive challenge for organizations. You have a small yet increasing audience for your content, so how do you improve your audience? What’s the next step for your content strategy?

It’s quite simple really, you help guide them towards your different platforms. 

Discoverability is a challenge for everyone amid keyword research, competition analysis, trend hijacking and a constant selection of content being uploaded and shared. It can be even more difficult to deal with many different and disconnected content sources.

Content creators tend to use their preferred workflows and tools, which makes it hard to find the right content in the right place. Companies will try their best to market their content on as many platforms as possible, hoping to reach their ideal customer.

What is a social bio tool?

A social bio tool offers a unique link (normally situated on one’s social platform bio) that takes a user to a specific landing page. This landing page allows users to  choose a particular content direction or destination. A social bio tool is one of the best vehicles for improving one’s own personal brand, or a company’s brand.

For many content creators or influencers, a social bio tool helps share more of one’s content, it also help users funnel themselves to their preferred platform or medium. From someone’s Twitter profile, a user can be a couple of clicks from their website, their newest Youtube video or downloadable e-book. The social bio tool minimizes the user journey to their desired conversion pathway or medium of choice. 

What is Linktree?

Linktree helps businesses discover and connect their content online. It uses machine learning algorithms to build connections between all kinds of content, making it effortless to find the right information quickly and effectively. 

Content in this context can be anything on the web: websites, social media accounts, blogs, product pages, e-commerce product descriptions, videos, images, and more. 

Linktree allows organisations to connect all of these elements and make them discoverable wherever they appear. Once the content is linked, users can jump between it effortlessly, enabling them to find the right content more easily. 

With Linktree, you can connect your website, social media accounts and all the other places where your brand has an online presence. You can also connect your internal digital assets, like customer service FAQs and product content.


How to build better digital products

Linktree can help build an effective strategy for your digital products. The social bio tool enables customers to find the right information and to stay on your website. No matter what your business sells, the goal is to keep the customer on your site and learning more. If a customer is perusing one of your products but has a question, they may leave your site to find the answer.

Linktree also offers contextual links to be shared. Companies, influencers and content creators will have sales, promotions and more. Linktree provides an avenue to guide potential customers toward these incentives. Additionally, the owner of the Linktree landing page can then see which links are most popular and the destination they’re coming from. 

How to increase conversion and engagement using Linktree

With Linktree, you can connect the FAQ section and the product page. The user will have all the information they need and know how to find it. The user will not navigate away from your site, and their time on the page (somewhat of a vanity metric) will increase.

The social bio tool helps drive up engagement on your site, providing a more curated journey around your website. 

Linktree helps increase conversions.

Linktree helps businesses combat the problem of drop, reducing bounce rate and offering a solution to the problem of how to keep the customers engaged while on the site. More time on the site drives them closer to conversion.

Similar to how clothing retail stores will encourage customers to try clothes on because their continued interactions inside the store increase the likelihood of making a purchase. Generally, if a customer tries on three items in a changing room, they will likely buy one. 



Upflowy’s social bio flow

Upflowy is a drag-and-drop tool for web experiences. Our web experience can optimize the user journey (fewer steps), data collection (low friction components) or better qualify the users who pass through the experience (conditional logic). 

The platform can create a customizable, on-brand and engaging social bio tool. The only difference is the social bio tool is a flow! When it is a flow, the social bio tool has more tools at its disposal.

What makes Upflowy different?

Own your audience
Unlike many other social bio tools that offer a space for links, Upflowy can include input components for name, email, mobile and more!

Many influencers don’t own their audience, but the social media platform they operate on does. Using Upflowy, you can help take ownership of your audience, driving them toward a blog or newsletter. The sky is the limit when it comes to data collection! If your social media platform is no longer in vogue, you still have your database of followers developed through your flow. 

Level up your networking
An engaging experience is memorable. When a new audience member discovers your social bio flow, their expectations will be shattered when you include a personal video on within the bio flow, rather than just a selection of links. If using the name input as well, you can increase the personalization of the flow and thank the specific audience member by name before they head where they want to go. 

Quickly edit and improve 
Upflowy is built to be tinkered with. The platform is made for everyone to create a great experience. We understand that your needs may change and that you may pivot, which will add more content to your social bio flow.

Whether hosting new events, creating a sale for Christmas, an affiliate link, or maybe your newest best-selling novel, the flow will be easy to edit. More options, giving your customers more locations to convert. Editing won't take a whole day, nor will it require a technological expert. 

Data-informed decisions
The analytics section of Upflowy will offer audience insights for your flow. You will be able to understand where the traffic of your social bio flow is headed to. This can influence your marketing campaigns or ensure that a particular option is prioritized for your audience. If no one is headed to a specific destination, you may realize this platform or strategy isn't working. 

Final Thoughts

A social bio tool is a stepping stone between your audience’s first interaction with you and the entirety of your content. Whether you’re using Linktree or an alternative, this user journey can be the difference between an engaged lifelong follower and someone scrolling through. Make the trip as engaging and easy as possible. Standout to your potential new audience member.

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