How to Win Pitch Nights on zero sleep, this is how Upflowy is leading from the front.

Upflowy's fearless leader, Guillaume Ang undertook a hurculean effort in pitching Upflowy only a few hours after the incredibly demanding Product Hunt launch!

Just over a month ago, we were so proud to launch Upflowy on Product Hunt. There had been a lot of preparation, messaging, and planning in the lead-up to the launch in early September. For the 24-hour launch window, we always had someone manning the comment section and we were firing on all cylinders engaging with the Product Hunt community throughout the entire 24 hour period.

Those of us that have fitness trackers saw a very sharp decline in our recovery for that particular night’s sleep. Late-night coffees were brewed, and the team stayed on a zoom call together for almost 15 of the 24 hours. We had our own little lockdown event, and it was a brilliant part of the experience.

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How We Launched on Product Hunt

We knew that from 5 pm our time, we had to gain incredible momentum from the very beginning of the launch window.  We believe that we completed that, as seen below:

replace product wars

Look at the huge momentum we launched with in the first few minutes as our loyal supporters gave their feedback on the platform.

Throughout the launch, our Co-Founder Guillaume Ang was working tooth and nail with his outreach efforts and allocated his time into 15-minute windows to best stay on the tasks that he wanted to achieve. Guillaume set the tone, in preparation, execution, and in overall morale. The messages of thanks and appreciation came from him regularly, and he reiterated that he wouldn’t ask any of us to do this unless he was willing to do it himself. Which he did, superbly.

His performance during the Product Hunt launch, as well as the rest of the team, in and of itself was phenomenal. We managed to secure Product of the Day, and then Product of the Week. The subsequent traction from the launch has given us incredible momentum and we’re so excited that people are using the product. If you haven’t tried it for yourself yet, try it for free here.

Putting together our Startup Pitch

What was the extra mile that Guillaume walked? He presented Upflowy at a Fishburners Martech Pitch night, only a few hours after our launch window ended. While most of the team was beginning to unwind for the weekend after a tough 24 hours, Guillaume was gearing up for a pitch.

Martech Pitch

We wouldn’t recommend this level of commitment and drive to be called upon all the time because burnout is such a stark reality in the startup world, but his commitment in a moment where many would’ve bowed out really demonstrated his resilience and belief in the company.

Winning the Startup Pitch Event

Many of the team did stay up and watch Guillaume’s pitch and how well he answered the questions from the judges. We all typed through celebratory messages on Slack and then when it came time for the winner of the event…?


After a whirlwind 24 hours of Product Hunt, Guillaume pitched so well that we won the Pitch night too! Congratulations to all the other companies that Pitched on the evening, and another shoutout to the Upflowy team for a stellar Product Hunt Launch!

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