What is a marketing automation form?

A helpful guide to understand what is marketing automation, more specifically what is a marketing automation form?

When talking about marketing automation, a digestible definition is:

> technology that streamlines marketing processes and tasks.

For a marketing automation form, a nurture email could be sent to the user who completed it, including details they’ve already submitted for extra personalization!

This piece of Canapé Content is designed to help you automate your marketing forms, so nibble away. 

So what does it mean for forms?

A marketing automation form (MAF) can take many shapes, but through automation processes, the legwork that your form requires is typically taken off your hands. 

A MAF is a digital experience that allows businesses to personalise conversations and collect information about their customers, prospects or website visitors. The info can be automatically sent to your CRM, meaning you have a set-and-forget workflow. 

Form completion can notify sales, and all the required information sits where you need it to be!

The best bite 🍤

Benefits of MAFs:

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Increased conversion rates
  • More qualified leads
  • Connection to your CRM

Impacts of MAFs:

  • Better marketing campaigns
  • Better nurturing process
  • Increased awareness of target markets and audiences. 

Where can you use a marketing automation form?

MAFs can be integrated pretty much anywhere, whether it be into websites, landing pages, and email campaigns.

They can also collect information such as name, email address, job title, company size, and other relevant data. Speaking of types of data. 

This information can segment customers into different groups, allowing targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. 

How do marketing automation forms help a marketer?

  • Are you constantly switching between tools and applications? 
  • Does your attribution feel like it never captures the complete picture?
  • Is it all super complicated and frustrating?

Marketing automation forms can also help businesses do much to prevent those woes. As a form, it can better qualify your marketing efforts, the audience can be easily segmented with logical steps. 

A MAF can connect to your existing tech stack (like HubSpot) and automatically send the data to one designated location. There’s one less tool switch. 

A MAF can provide a better picture for your entire team through the right attribution, helping understand the impacts of your campaigns. No more darts in the dark. 

MAFs also influence future strategy, as the campaign highlights the converting audience! Forms can be personalized to those audiences!

Pretty cool, huh?

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Marketing Automation Forms streamline your operations like a FORMula 1 racecar's design. Faster processes, easier handling, and convert more wins! 🏁

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