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What is a signup flow?

What is a signup flow? Let's help guide you through with a helpful image. Let's say you're sitting in a doctor's office,

A signup flow is the first interaction a new user has with your company, in the journey of signing up to your service or creating an account. To better visualize it, think of it like this:

A signup flow is a clipboard you have to fill out in the medical practice. You fill in all the requisite information after you’ve expressed interest in seeing how this doctor can help you. 

Your business is the doctor, you’re going to solve the problem that they have, but you’re going to do a much better job when you’re informed about the patient, thanks to the clipboard. 

People hate the waiting room. People end up leaving before they’ve even had their problem solved. They could have their life changed, but the wait, the clipboard, it’s all so dull. Plus the magazines are 5 years old.

Imagine being sick, making all the effort to come to the doctor, and then leaving.

Upflowy is here to give your doctor’s practice and its clipboards a facelift. Our no-code service allows anyone the ability to create and then refine their signup flow, aligned to their company’s branding. The flow can also be A/B tested, and we capture all the data at each point of the journey, empowering your conversion growth from constant experimentation, in-depth data, and appealing storytelling. 

Keep those users engaged and start converting more with Upflowy!


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