Flow Gallery

In order for people to realize the value of our product, we wanted to share
some of the best use cases, product demonstrations and client flows that are currently live!

To understand how something can be brilliant for you, you may need to see it working brilliantly for someone else.

Below we've included short videos about the different use cases, as well as links to the flow for you to experience and navigate through.


Setup a flow in minutes that perfectly matches your brand

Aircall can create an engaging flow that looks native to their website incredibly quickly. The design, branding, and storytelling all combine to create authenticity and consistency in the mind of the customer. 

HubSpot Video

Upgrading from a form to qualify, engage and simplify

Stackgo created a flow to include more of their unique selling points through the flow. They added conditional logic to pre-qualify their leads and embedded Calendly into the flow to book customers in. All the information is passed through the data connection to their chosen API endpoint.

HubSpot Video

HubSpot Video

Personalized pathways to guarantee the right customer

Beam dental required custom pathways to ensure product eligibility. Multiple qualification questions direct leads through the funnel far with pace and ease, uncovering the best potential customers.  

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