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Growth Stories – Mitchell Orme

The third in the Growth Stories series, this week our Junior Marketer shares his story and how storytelling has impacted his life.

Another week of our Growth Stories, this week looking at one of our newest additions to the team!

Mitchell Orme

Job Title:
Junior Marketer

Short Bio: 
Born and raised in Sydney, I’ve traveled to over 30 countries, and I’ve got a fierce passion for storytelling, across all mediums. A double degree in communications and international studies took me to Mexico for a year where I learned to surf and speak Spanish. I’ve had some history working in major athletic apparel brands, and to me, their storytelling has always been inspirational. I’ve been known to frequent Verdansk and offered up my services to help clean up Arkham City.

Hobby/Fun Fact about yourself:
I have been writing up and posting the Growth Stories series, so it does feel a little odd to be posting about yourself. I’m also ambidextrous, I can write with both hands, and in tennis, I’ve got two backhands and two forehands. 

Personal Growth Story:
I have always had quite a free-flowing relationship with creativity, but throughout 2020, I felt quite disconnected. Being locked inside, consuming so much content, not sleeping well, all combined into a whirlwind of mental block. I did some research and discovered Morning Pages. Like most practices, whether it be yoga or meditation, morning pages rely on consistency.

Almost 7 months later, I’ve been doing 3 pages of freewriting as soon as I wake up. The insights, direction, and reflection that this process offers are second to none. Before any of the noise of the world reaches you, you’re able to gather your thoughts and be that little more prepared to face the day. If you want to explore your creativity or dive deep into yourself, give morning pages a go.   

Your Next Growth Target:
After watching Matthew Walker’s Masterclass on sleep, and wearing a WHOOP strap, I have made my growth target focused around sleep. Sleep, to me, is the foundation for growth. There are plenty of ways to get that 8 hours of sleep, as seen by this comprehensive list. The list features many sleep habits to really improve your environment and attitude toward sleep. For me, Whoop gave me feedback data and you can only manage what you measure! A good night’s sleep helps me to maximise slow-wave sleep to rejuvenate my body after working out. Also ensuring I get the right amount of REM sleep to recalibrate my learning, memory, and mood. Health is wealth, and I’m looking to invest in myself.  

Your Role Model:
I’ve always seen Simon Sinek as a role model. He is a passionate, and empathetic leader. After reading his book, I felt inspired by his sense of direction. He is someone who searched high and low for his raison d’être. He found it and has found such success within it. To me, he seems like the embodiment of the shepherd in the Alchemist. 

What would you say to yourself 5 or 10 years ago?:
If I were to transport back 5 years to my 21-year-old self, I’d tell him to focus on creating brilliant moments with friends, to surrender so many of your inner thoughts, and trust your instincts, they often lead you down the right path. 

The book you plan to read or are currently reading:
I’m currently reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, it’s beautifully written and ignites my imagination.

1-3 books, podcasts, or pieces of content that you’d recommend to anyone:

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