A picture’s worth a thousand leads

Upflowy hacked Saastr at the last minute, trying a unique strategy to boost our booth's engagement and virality.

Upflowy loved being a gold-level sponsor at Saastr Europa at the beginning of June. We wanted to make it count. As a team, we checked out our booth the day before and noticed something, an opportunity.

Our booth was incredibly well-positioned. Not only was the booth one of the first seen after entering the event space, but we were also opposite the event's selfie wall.


As a team, we discussed how we could leverage this position. We knew that the booth would attract foot traffic, and the selfie wall would promote capturing a memory of the event for their personal or business social media platforms. So how could we hack that?

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The Idea

We would hire a professional photographer. 

The team raced to their phones, reaching out to anyone that had a contact in Barcelona, and within 5 minutes of searching, our CEO, Guillaume Ang was on the phone trying to book a photographer. They agreed on a rate, and the idea was starting to become real.

How to make it memorable?

The growth team went to the closest shopping centre to look for a dollar store. There we bought wigs, sunglasses, masks and more to help create options for our 'models' to put on. We had a photo booth activation in the 11th hour and the 59th minute. 


How to entice the audience?

We needed a way to hook these people in for the photo, and our Head of Growth, Ana Soliven, had packed over 300 hooks in the form of the Australian chocolates, Tim Tams. 

As any Australian can confirm, Tim Tams are incredible, and they're enough to stop you in your tracks. People would walk by the booths, try a Tim Tam and hear our pitch, and then have the option to have their photo taken. Free chocolate, especially world-renowned chocolate, was a massive hit with the attendees. 


Lead Generation with our product

It is all well and good to provide people with chocolate and toss them our best pitch. But we needed more. As a team, we quickly put together a lead generation flow using. Upflowy, where we would ask for the details of those that had their photos taken to ensure we would get their picture to them. Our brilliant photographer ensured that each person filled out the flow before taking their photo. 

The strategy employed our platform, we had a zero-party data method to collect this information, and we would have a brilliant conversation starter with their photo. This strategy has increased our engagement rate when contacting the leads after the conference. 


The Product 

Upflowy is more than a lead generation form builder, and the platform has multiple use cases. The team buzzed with excitement as they delivered their pitches and their calendars are still awash with meetings. 

If your business is looking to build, storytell and experiment with its form and flow processes, try out Upflowy today for free. 

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