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Create the best experience for onboarding customers in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse will be a new world in the digital space, building flows and other quality experiences will be at the forefront of that.

Without a doubt, one of the most keenly awaited introductions in 2022 was the Metaverse.
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At this very moment, it's inspiring a lot of discussions and debates. We are likely standing on the precipice of an entirely new way we interact with each other. 
The Metaverse will impact how we work with each other, how we game with each other, sell and develop relationships. The key to this endeavor, the make or break element will be the adoption and accessibility of virtual reality technology.
Facebook, now Meta, already has the Occulus Quest 2, a standalone VR gaming headset that gives people a real trip into the VR environment. Currently listed at around $350 USD, this is likely too much for the average consumer, especially to take a chance on an entirely new world.
A cheap and intuitive VR headset will make or break the introduction to the Metaverse.
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Meta has likely had the plans in place for this for a long while with the 2014 acquisition of Oculus for $2.3 billion. The re-brand of Facebook to Meta to bring everything under one umbrella was not done lightly. With attention pouring into the Metaverse, Web 3.0, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, Meta must be close to a product that will occupy prime real estate underneath the 2022 Christmas tree. 

"Given the strong push toward a virtual reality experience, 2022 may have people searching, browsing and converting in ways we can’t yet anticipate. When standing in the Metaverse, people aren’t going to spend time typing out their details, they’ll want a seamless sign up or interactive experience." Stewart Barrett, Head of Growth.

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Are we ready?

The last two years have brought us closer and closer to technology. Our ability to experience all that we want has been limited, virtual experience could be a real solution. 
In the midst of lockdowns and restrictions, all so many could think about was escaping. Glimpses of something novel seemed impossible and all the more desirable. Families, organisations, and groups all tried to be social with Zoom calls, Google hangouts, and Facebook rooms. It wasn't the same, but it also seemed to be a step behind where most expected our technology to be. 
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A 3D experience could change the game. There have already been trailblazers or companies that broke through the wall first. Examples come to mind, like the video game Second Life or Playstation Home. The internet has long been a place where people escape reality, but if cheap enough and accessible, people could explore an entirely new reality.

VR Experiences

In Australia alone, the adoption of virtual reality is being leveraged by companies and these  stand out efforts come to mind:

Unbnd's Visit Canberra campaign is a brilliant use of virtual technology to showcase an entire city. Tourism has suffered in the last two years, so to have a unique way for cities to highlight what makes them great will cut through to so many more people. 
Chaos Theory, Sydney's leading game and app studio ran an activation for Carlton United Brewing at the AFL Grand Final. The VR competition offered $5000 to the winner of a goal-kicking competition. The skills were tested as the contestants were placed in a virtual stadium and had to kick a goal in front of a roaring crowd. A truly unique experience to add to an already powerful day. 
Triggar, created a VR trailer experience for the film, Point Break. For many, the idea of surfing a normal wave is a terrifying and difficult task. They created a 360-degree experience to help see what it's like to ride in the barrel of a big wave. Experience moments you may not ever be able to have. 
Right now many companies are just discovering the potential of these technologies and 2022 will bring more and more fun. The novelty will blow people away.

Build flows, virtually

One of the most interesting changes to the digital experience will be the signup. How we enter data will be different, we'll have handheld controllers and not a keyboard in sight. Right now Upflowy sees the value in a seamless signup experience. We created a no-code platform to help you create an engaging and easy to manage web experience for your potential customers. 
"More and more companies are switching to flows, as they offer more engagement, offer greater data tracking options, can better reinforce sales messages, and provide critical context".
Stewart Barrett, Head of Growth. 

We can't wait to enter the Metaverse and help connect you and your customers with greater ease. Explore the product here.

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