How to improve your conversion rate in 2022

Stewart Barrett is here to help companies accelerate growth in 2022 through their conversion rate, follow these actionable tips!

The age-old question “how do I improve my conversion rate?”. If you are looking for more conversions in 2022, you have come to the right place. 

Within this article, you will find all the tips and tricks to help you improve your conversion rate in 2022. So let’s not delay, check them out below. Give them a go and make sure you let us know how they worked for you and your business. 

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What is a conversion rate? 

A conversion rate is just that, the rate at which users convert on your website and become paid customers. What you really want to achieve with your conversion rate is to make it as effective as possible. This is known as conversion rate optimization. You can simply work out your conversion rate by using this formula: {number of conversions} / {number of visitors} x 100 = conversion rate. 

Go calculate your conversion rate now and come back to the next part of this article. 

What is classed as a “good” conversion rate? 

Depending on your industry will depend on your average conversion rate. But if you are looking at B2B, it is around 2-3%. Anything below 2% will be seen as a low conversion rate, anything above 3% would look like a healthy conversion rate. 

Now, don’t worry if yours is a little on the low side, we are here to help you improve your conversion rate in 2022. We have prepared some strategies to help you! 

The strategies to improve your conversion rate in 2022

Here are some of the BEST ways to improve your conversion rate: 

  • Personalization 
  • Storytelling 
  • Optimizing user experience 
  • Signup flow rather than a form 
  • Performing A/B testing 
  • Website optimization
  • Creating a funnel 
  • Direct communication 
  • Strong language 
  • Understand the drop-off 


We all know it is nice to receive an email with our name in it. But these days that level of personalization doesn’t hit the mark. You want to personalize your content and messaging to the user experiencing your brand. Think personalized email marketing suited to your different customer journeys. Also, continue to learn about the behavior of your audience so you can customize your website experience to them. You can do this through heat maps, session replays, and utilizing signup flows to really understand what specific customers need and want. 


Storytelling is all about taking your customers on a journey. Give them an experience they won’t forget from being on your website or in your brand space. Think about the most memorable moments in your life. 

Think about the information you remember. Most of the time it has a story attached to it. You can also use the stories of others who have worked with your brand to share their experience. 

This can be in the form of a review, testimonial or case study. The best thing about using signup flows in your customer journey is it allows you to tell your brand story in the process. 

Optimizing user experience

If a user isn’t hanging around on your website or your email list, it is going to be pretty hard to convert them. Whenever you make changes to your website or content, always think “how will the user be impacted?” 

How can you improve your user experience? Try these tips: 

  1. Create good content (have a content marketing strategy that tells your brand story and can create a connection with your audience)
  2. Think of your website layout (we have a whole blog to help on this) 
  3. Improve website performance (think mobile optimization - more on that below) 
  4. Make information clear and concise (no one wants to read a lot of text) 
  5. Be contactable (it is never great when users can’t speak with you directly) 

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Signup flow rather than a form 

When you invest in using a signup flow over a signup form, you get features that can help you optimize your conversion rate. Now, it depends on the signup flow software you go with, but let us explain how the Upflowy product can help: 

  1. Allows you to personalize your experience (remember point 1 above) 
  2. Gives you more data about your audience 
  3. Allows you to take your audience on a journey (telling the story) 
  4. Helps you to A/B test (see below) 
  5. Integrates into your website (what a good user experience) 
  6. Allows you to integrate conversion tools like calendar integration for your sales team 
  7. Lets you send data right into the system you need incrementally at each stage. 

Performing A/B testing 

You know the old “test, trial, measure”. That is the KEY in the world of conversion optimization. Explore what works and what doesn’t for your audience with A/B testing. 

How can you do this? With an A and a B. An A and a B landing page, email sequence - for example. Both of these have a different title, subject line. 

You send half of your visitors to A and the other half to B. See what performs the best! A/B testing helps to ensure you have the most optimal content for your audience. 

Website optimization

As mentioned, this really does help with your user experience. But you can optimize your website through: 

  1. Adding a pop-up to your site (or not, think user experience) 
  2. Remove distractions on your page (make the call to action easy - plus white space is good) 
  3. Load speed (you can view that here) 
  4. Mobile-friendly (we think you know this by now) 

Making sure your website is at its absolute best is so important for improving your conversion. Remember this is your store. No one wants to walk into a confusing and messy shop. 

Creating a Sales Funnel 

Maybe you are asking for a sale at the wrong time? People might be colder leads and need more warming up. This can often depend on the cost of your product and many other factors. 

Offering a free trial or signup before the purchase can help with your conversion rate. By creating a sales funnel you can nurture your audience, create a relationship and help them with their needs. All you need is an email and you can nurture your audience into a purchase via email marketing. 

Direct communication

Have you ever thought maybe your website visitors have a simple question that would help them make a purchase but they never ask? Maybe because they can’t be bothered writing an email or they don’t even know where to contact you? 

Having live chatbots or communication directly on your website can give you a very direct communication line with your audience. 

Strong language 

Strengthen that website copy, specifically the calls to action. Communication and strong language can help with your conversion rate. Often it can be worth hiring a sales copywriter or a content writing specialist to help you ensure your message is clear and concise for your audience. 

Often when we know the product, we can overcomplicate the writing. Keep it simple.

Understand the drop off in conversion rates

To improve and optimize your conversion rate in 2022, you also need to understand why people drop off (see our article on it here). You can’t fix what you don’t know, right? You can do this when you collect data from your audience. 

This is why having a signup flow is far better than a signup form, a signup flow gives you the data so you can analyze the drop-off. 

How a signup flow helps with improved conversion rates

When it comes to analyzing and tracking your conversion rates, you also want to make sure you are measuring the right KPI. This is an extract from another article we did to help you see the difference: 

“At Upflowy, we have found that when the question “how successful is your signup flow?” is asked, a lot of growth leaders and product managers simply answer with this statement, “we have an XX% completion rate”. Sometimes they call it the “signup rate”. This suggests that the KPI they care about the most is really how many people completed the signup flow, not whether they’re in the right target, or whether they will ultimately convert” 

When you create a signup flow experience, you can find out more information about your audience (and whether they are the right people for your business). You can create a more customized and personal experience to help increase your conversion rate.

A signup flow is a more in-depth and sophisticated way of engaging with your audience and at Upflowy, we have the signup flow software to help you track your sign ups, conversion rate, and learn more about your audience so you can improve your conversion rate in 2022. 

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Final thoughts 

This is your year! The time to increase your conversion rate and serve the clients that need you and your business! 

To summarise, here are some of the BEST ways to improve your conversion rate in 2022: 

  • Personalization 
  • Storytelling 
  • Optimizing user experience 
  • Signup flow rather than a form 
  • Performing A/B testing 
  • Website optimization
  • Creating a funnel 
  • Direct communication 
  • Strong language 
  • Understand the drop-off 

If you would like to learn more about how signup flows can help your conversion rate in 2022, contact us at Upflowy today! Or you can learn from the best in the business by flicking through some case studies we performed recently! 

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