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Net Positive Growth – Lydia Huang

Lydia Huang is the Founder of Awaken Career, a career consulting business dedicated to providing personalised job search strategies for marketing job seekers to awaken their power and land their dream jobs. Lydia has some top tier experience in the recruitment industry having worked at Amazon, Redfin, and most recently The Pokémon Company International! Lydia wants to become a thought leader, and use her influence and power to create meaningful change in the community. Taking the leap to start her own business, Lydia is driven to live a life free of regret, and to trust in the power of her own voice.
The right attitude partnered with a desire for experience leads you down the right path.

Growth Stories – Nihal Bhushan

I recently graduated from a Masters's degree. I hail from Hyderabad, India. I have decent start-up experience with a background in sales and marketing. I am a very cheerful and self-gratified person in my personal life. My goal is to start an agriculture-based technology company back in India. Always open to learning, know more about entrepreneurship, and what it actually takes to run a business.
Follow your energy, it'll lead you down your best path

Net Positive Growth – Wes Bush

Wes Bush is the Founder and CEO of Product Led. He’s the author of the bestselling book Product-Led Growth. Wes is a big believer in leading with your product and allowing your audience to judge whether you fulfill the promise that your product offers. Product-Led Growth, to Wes, is making a genuine business strategy from this change of perspective. Wes Bush’s secret to success is to follow your energy, it’ll lead you down your best path.


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