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Net Positive Growth, Gonçalo Henriques

The purpose of this series is to identify key moments of growth for our guests and in speaking to Gonçalo Henriques, he highlighted that when he was hired by OutSystems, that was a real moment of growth for his life, especially after 7 failed previous applications to the company.
Growth Story

Growth Stories – Matthieu Rossignon

Hi I’m Matthieu, a French engineering student currently taking a gap year to improve my tech skills. I love imagining solutions to real-life problems and therefore was logically drawn to engineering and more specifically tech, which was the perfect tool to put my ideas to life in a fun and challenging environment.

Perfect Your One Sentence Pitch by focusing on your “Why”

Getting people to quickly understand what your company is about is at the core of our work at Upflowy. The one sentence pitch (or elevator pitch) has been the way
growth stories

Growth Stories – Ethel Karskens

I’ve worked as a senior data analyst at PwC, Microsoft, and multiple start-ups. Passionate about data for good, she founded Sydney Data for Democracy and later Civita, a not-for-profit that connects data professionals with charities to help them increase their data maturity.

Growth Stories – Alexandre Girard

I am a software engineer by trade and an inventor at heart. With over 15 years of professional experience and tens of innovative product launches in a wide variety of fields and industries, I have the ability to execute swiftly and walk the fine line between good, fast and cheap.


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