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Spend more time validating than ideating.

Net Positive Growth – Jay Desai

Jay Desai is the Founder of Swpely, previously Head of Growth at Trend and has just finished his own mini-series. His mini-series, Season Pass highlighted how he was able to validate his product fast, finish building in 3 months, and gain a thousand users in under one month.
Walking his own path to success

Net Positive Growth – Andrew Davison

Andrew Davison is the Founder and Managing Director of Luhhu, a B2B company that automates processes using tools like Zapier and Integromat. Andrew’s career journey started with a Computer Science degree, plenty of travel, and using his sales acumen to start Teacher Finder. His growth journey features significant points where he seized different opportunities to best optimise his focus, while still maintaining perspective. Andrew’s approach to work, to his passions, has meant that he has walked his own path to success.
Accelerated Startup Growth

Net Positive Growth – Dan Siepen

Dan Siepen, has found great success by taking initiative, building community and by fostering an environment of accelerated startup growth. Dan is an experienced Growth Marketer working for an exciting health startup here in Sydney. He offers startup growth advice and consults for a few startup & eCommerce companies. He also enjoys building growth marketing resources.
Finding purpose through fear

Net Positive Growth – Mariah MacInnes

Mariah MacInnes is the founder of Content Queen Mariah, helping entrepreneurs inform and educate with easy-to-understand content. Mariah specialises in content marketing, attracting aligned audiences with powerful storytelling and purposeful content. Her journey, like any success story, has had some ups and downs but her guiding light has been finding purpose through fear. Mariah’s wanted to find her passion and be able to monetise it.
Makes our experiments better

Growth Stories – Sriraman Panneerselvam

I like to build, break, and fix things. I'm interested in using technology to make a social impact. I started writing programs in school just for fun. My love for coding heavily influenced my choice to study Computer Science Engineering, with high expectations. Unfortunately for me, college didn't satisfy my coding thirst
Startup Secrets with Jessica Walker

Growth Stories – Jessica Walker

Jess has always had an interest in startups and business, from the early days at the age of 12, selling chocolate bars on the school bus on the way to school, starting e-commerce businesses throughout uni, to starting the first service business at 23 which was subsequently acquired by a multi-national in 2018 after 2 years of growth.


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