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What is a marketing automation form?

A helpful guide to understand what is marketing automation, more specifically what is a marketing automation form?

Top Tips to Help Convert Your Leads

Best tips to convert more leads for your business, Upflowy has written up an easily digestible content piece to help you!


Types of customer data

A canapé content piece about types of customer data, from zero to third party, and everything in between.

Social Bio & Contact Flow

How to improve your audience

Take advantage of the tool that will help improve and own your audience, a social bio tool. Direct to your different content streams in a matter of...

Events & Networking

6 ways to boost conference engagement

Upflowy was blown away by the engagement strategies employed by different companies, we wanted to share the best 6 ways to boost conference...


The best swag we found at Saastr

Swag is a brilliant method for maintaining awareness of your company. So let's unpack the best swag we found at the Saastr Europa conference.


A picture’s worth a thousand leads

Upflowy hacked Saastr at the last minute, trying a unique strategy to boost our booth's engagement and virality.

Glossary Series

What is drop off rate?

Upflowy explores what is drop off rate in a glossary series entry, whereby your business can increase conversions by reducing the rate your potential...

Glossary Series

What is confirmation bias?

See how confirmation bias can affect you as a marketer, or in an industry, as we are so easily manipulated by our subconscious.

Glossary Series

What is statistical significance?

Statistical significance is a vital element of digital marketing, better informing experiments and ensuring results are understood, leading to higher...

Expert's Corner

A.I tools for increasing productivity.

See how artificial intelligence can help you increase your productivity, your marketing efforts and allow you to spend time on tasks that increase...

Easy wins to optimize your funnel

Mark Collins shares more of his insights into funnel optimization and how you can be converting more users to your product.

The right funnel questions

We sit down with Mark Collins again to understand the right questions to ask in your funnel, and how to ensure the user is engaged the entire time.

Sign Up Flow

What is conditional logic?

Stewart Barrett, our Head of Growth walks through conditional logic and it can bolster up your flow to create a frictionless experience for your...

Expert's Corner

What is a signup flow?

What is a signup flow? Let's help guide you through with a helpful image. Let's say you're sitting in a doctor's office,

Net Positive Growth

Net Positive Growth – Lydia Huang

Lydia Huang is driven to live a life free of regret, and to trust in the power of her own voice. She started her own business, Awaken Career.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – James Lees

James Lees is Upflowy's new Junior Application Specialist and their desire for growth and development make them a real asset.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Nihal Bhushan

Upflowy's new CSR, Nihal Bhushan, shows how the right attitude and a desire for experience leads you down the right path

Net Positive Growth

Net Positive Growth – Wes Bush

Wes Bush provides plenty of insights into this career growth and how to follow your energy to be led down your best path.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Olivia Wang

After some great new hires we're resuming the growth story series for Upflowy! This week, our new Product Designer, Olivia Wang.

Net Positive Growth

Net Positive Growth – Jay Desai

Jay Desai is a really gifted founder, who's one pearl of advice is to spend more time validating than ideating.

Growth Stories

Net Positive Growth – Andrew Davison

Andrew Davison's growth story highlights his ability to seize any opportunity and walking his own path to success.

Net Positive Growth

Net Positive Growth – Dan Siepen

The Net Positive Growth Story of Dan Siepen explores how determination and networking can build accelerated growth in the startup world.

Net Positive Growth

Net Positive Growth – Mariah MacInnes

Mariah MacInnes' Net Positive Growth story revolves around her finding purpose through fear, then experimenting and overcoming.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Sriraman Panneerselvam

Sriraman's role as Senior Software Engineer means he makes our experiments better, contributes to communities, and builds others up.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Jessica Walker

This week's growth story focuses on Jessica Walker, with her startup secrets, creative content and impressive business history

Net Positive Growth

Net Positive Growth, Christina Garnett

Christina Garnett show us the benefits of amplifying others for social media community, and how to interact.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Pardeep Dhingra

Pardeep Dhingra has been vital for the growth of Upflowy Engineering, and we feature his growth story today.

Net Positive Growth

Net Positive Growth, Gonçalo Henriques

The Net Positive series expands to tell the story of a growth leader, Gonçalo Henriques, his growth journey, both ups and downs.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Matthieu Rossignon

This week's growth story focuses on our Fullstack Engineer Intern, Matthieu Rossignon, his journey through judo, study and experiments.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Ethel Karskens

Another entry to our growth stories series, this week looking at one of our Data Analysts, Ethel Karskens, who has great growth insights

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Alexandre Girard

The fourth in the Growth Stories series, this week one of our Co-founders shares his appreciation for hard work, growth and experimentation.

Growth Stories

The new framework to understanding CRMs

This framework for understanding CRMs will help guide your organisation to choose the right one, based on our key pillars.


Generational Shift in Internet Trust

After a Net Positive Podcast episode with Tamim Noorzad, we decided to explore how trust on the internet has shifted through generations.

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Mitchell Orme

The third in the Growth Stories series, this week our Junior Marketer shares his story and how storytelling has impacted his life.

Expert's Corner

Engineering Success

Recommended reading from Upflowy engineers team that will help propel you on your own growth journey. Make your life Net Positive too!

Team Stories

Growth Stories – Tania Tkachuk

The first of our Growth Stories series, this week our Senior Lead Engineer shares her story and how she is empowering women in technology.


Personas focus your marketing

There are countless tactics and tools for marketers, personas focus your marketing by building a story around your audience. You look to connect, to...

Expert's Corner

How to hire the right product manager

Are you looking at hire the right product manager but you don't know where to start? Let our framework help you with clarity.

Watch your conversion rate skyrocket!

Upflowy makes building forms for your business easy, a drag and drop tool to create engaging and enticing experiences with your potential customers. Whether it be a booking form, a feedback survey or a fun quiz, you'll see the results flood through.

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